Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Love List

I love summer, sweat and all.

Summer rainstorms that run hard and fast, the fat drops surprisingly cold on my tanned skin.

Lazy orange sunsets kicking off long summer nights.

I'm beginning to love humidity, the way it slows everyone and everything down, making summer a hot and sticky stroll.

Peach juice running down my wrist as I bite into a perfectly succulent and ripe fruit.

Sunglasses slipping down my nose.

The shockingly cold blast of the air conditioner as I step into the cool, shady retreat of a building.

Tan lines on my shoulders that take months to fade.

Rickety ladders leaned against cherry trees in my family's backyard.

Chasing that little white ball to the green.

But mostly, remembering when I fell in love with Layne for the first time.

What do you love about summer?

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