Sunday, July 15, 2012

Busy week

In honor of my midyear's resolutions, I have really begun to live! We did a lot this past week like...

Having Layne's best friend Thorn visit.

When his gf Joanna was still in town, we hit up Serendipity and pigged out on dessert, including the oh so famous frozen hot chocolate. The wt inside me says DQ's is still better. We took him all around the National Mall, fed him a really great dinner made by Mister Fletcher -who is the king of all really good food at our house-, and made him up a bed on our living room floor, air mattress and all!

We also popped by the National Zoo (don't believe the lies. It's not open til 8, it's only open til 5 if you want to see anything), had the most incredible milkshakes of our lives at Good Stuff Eatery, and a bigger piece of pizza than any one person should devour.

That's right. Most of Thorn's trip consisted of eating and we couldn't have been happier.

Triple Double Dating
 Somehow, we ended up spending Thursday, Friday and Saturday night with our good friends the Harrisons. Thursday we did some mini golf - yeah!

Friday was prime time for an outdoor movie on the National Harbor.

And Saturday Amy and I wandered the city, starting the day at Eastern Market and winding our way up to Hobby Lobby in Maryland. A solid 40 minutes without traffic, it took us an hour and a half to get there and it was still worth it. Later that night, Mister Fletcher made a res and joined us with Andrew for dinner at this ridiculously old tavern in Alexandria. "Ridiculously old" means George Washington had his birthday party there. Yeah. Ridiculous. But really cool.

All this, with a board meeting at work this week! Worked all day, played all night every night! I am wiped out and may have to spend the rest of my day by the pool. Zzzz...

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