Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Paris from my iPhone

This is a post for my instagram Paris photos (since I realized my OCD could not handle the crazy varying photo size thing my NY posts did). It feels like the perfect post to share some of the things I didn't know you couldn't know about traveling abroad, or at least my very limited experience with it in France.

Eiffel Tower through the day

1-Apparently, you don't actually need a toilet seat. It's frivolous to the French! You can sit just right on the porcelain and settle in. So nice, and not at all disgusting.


Winged Victory at the Louvre

Ceiling in the Louvre

2-Nobody works pretty much at any time! A ton of places were closed both Sunday and Monday, shops start closing up before dinner, and the mornings are dead til at least 10. I now understand the economic crisis.

Arc du Carrousel
Sunset on the Seine

3-People watching is approved. Encouraged. I would say borderline mandatory. All those little Parisian cafes have the most adorable tables and chairs set up, but the chairs are not placed around the tables. They are all lined up behind them and people file in to watch the street scenes unfold like an outdoor cinema.

Versailles gardens
Versailles gardens

Versailles Chateau

4-French people sound nothing like Americans making fun of French people. Trying as absolutely hard as we could, Mister Fletcher and I could barely utter "Bonjour," "merci," and "patisserie" ( you know, the essentials) without the heat of shame flushing our cheeks. We slaughtered the beauty of the French language.

Lunch by the Arc de Triomphe

5-Your visa card may not work so you should carry cash, or at least that funny money they use over there with all it's colors and odd coins. I feel so duped by the whole ad campaign that touted visa being "everywhere you want to go," when it doesn't work on the subway or in cabs or a bunch of other places.

Inside Sacre Coure
Sacre Coure

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