Washington, D.C.

We spent 4 amazing years in Washington D.C. before recently relocating to Nairobi, Keyna. If you're planning a trip to the nation's capital, let us be your guides! I know you will fall in love with the cool, smooth marble monuments that emerge from the cityscape, the massive museums all across the Mall, and the history and grandeur that envelop the city. But I’ll let TripAdvisor and common sense mainly guide you there. My quick tips are:
  • Skip the White House tour – it’s lame and they barely show you anything
  • Wander into the office buildings on Capitol Hill – you instantly understand how these politicians get swollen egos working in such magnificent buildings
  • Don’t miss the Jefferson – set aside time to walk all the way around the Tidal Basin
  • Buy tickets for the Archives – the line is stupid long, and you can buy tickets for just $1.50 online.
  • Drive through Arlington Cemetery – while stunning and humbling, if you have the option to drive instead of walk, do it.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – Because everyone walks everywhere in this city, and your feet will hurt. A lot. Comfort over fashion, people.
  • Do the monuments at night – you are missing out on an experience that will take your breath away if you skip the monuments at night (also a great way to avoid crowds during the busy season).

 Of course, I could wax on about D.C. forever, so if you’re looking for something specific feel free to reach out! But now I want to talk  about the important stuff - FOOD.

Get the crème brulee donut if you want to know what heaven tastes like. The PB&J donut is a good second choice. Two blocks east of the White House, or check Twitter to see where their food truck is at.
A true French bakery, imported straight from the Frenchy motherland. You can’t go wrong, so order a few of your favorites and enjoy the buttery, pastry goodness. Locations throughout the city.
The weekend brunch buffet at Farmers Fishers Bakers is absolutely out of this world. There is something for everyone, and I guarantee that that something will be delicious. To top it off, the restaurant is right on the Georgetown Waterfront, so you can stroll south right up to the Lincoln Memorial. Though – fair warning – you may be too full to make the walk.
A definite favorite of mine. It’s a bit closer to home across the Potomac in Arlington. I’m a huge fan of the steak and eggs benedict, but the best thing about this place is the hot, fresh donuts they bring over from their sister restaurant next door, Best Buns. Shrilington neighborhood - Arlington

Great clam chowder, awesome sandwiches, I even like the salads. Several locations.
Not a local restaurant, Luke is known for his lobster in both NYC and DC. And there is a reason for the fame. Buttery, warm rolls with fresh lobster (hold the globs of mayo). Penn Quarter | Georgetown.
Nothing short of a D.C. institution. For more than 50 years, Ben has been bringing the best chili around to his chili dogs. When my mom visited, she insisted on going here twice. U Street | Clarendon in Arlington.
For some reason I can’t quite ascertain, D.C. has an inordinate amount of burger joints. My personal favorite is Good Stuff Eatery, because I am a fan of Spike Mendelson and because his milkshakes blew my mind. (S’mores milkshake. WOW.) Capitol Hill | Georgetown | Crystal City
For those that can’t make it to one of the Café Rio locations out in Virginia, District Taco is pretty good. My heart will always belong to Café Rio, but I will also eat any thing taco you put in front of me.

The first time I came to D.C., Layne took me to this Mediterranean place where I literally drank the tzatziki. This turns into a gorge fest every time we go. Multiple locations. $$
Ohhhh…. Filomena’s. You actually watch them make your pasta. It. Is. Divine. Georgetown. $$$$
The Prime Rib
If you're looking for an amazing steakhouse that is quintessential D.C., look no further. An absolutely decadent experience. $$$$
Clyde's is part of a restaurant group that has seen huge success across the D.C. area, and for good reason. Each restaurant has great American food, service, and ambiance and I am a huge fan. Multiple locations. $$$
2 Amy's 
A cute little pizza place - perfect for a simple, margherita pie.  $$

While Layne’s favorite is Georgetown Cupcakes, I actually prefer Baked & Wired. The cupcakes are huge and the flavor combinations are really creative. Georgetown
Really cute little cupcake-like pies, or you can get it by the slice. I have yet to have anything here that I didn’t love. Georgetown
A bit of a drive out to NoVa, but so, so, SO good! Get yourself a concrete and watch the sun slide beneath the leafy, green horizon. Vienna

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