Monday, September 14, 2015

Is this real life?

When Layne first told me about the opportunity with Yum, my thoughts were so jumbled and contrary it left my head spinning. The very first thing I said was "I know NOTHING about Kenya!" We talked a little about what we did know... Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lion King, fast runners. It was a frighteningly brief conversation and embarrassingly surface. We weren't even exactly sure where in Africa it was (the East side, right? Turns out it's smack dab on the equator and while Nairobi isn't on the coast, Kenya does touch the Indian Ocean so we were right in thinking East.)

Then the wanderer inside my soul said "YES- let's do this!" And I went from thinking it was somehow important that I knew nothing about Kenya to being all about it in a matter of seconds. Before even the first interview, I felt my heart soar and land somewhere on maybe the east side of Africa. I have a constant itch for change, and this felt like the perfect chance to propel myself out of my comfort zone and have an adventure. I could already feel the hot African sun on my skin, feel the dust of the Serengeti under my shoes. 

But with my next breath, I retreated - back to questioning how we were going to do this and if it even made sense at all. We began running the scenario through our minds, tossing over details of our five-year plan like they were movies in the $1 bin at the store. Suddenly, if those plans didn't align with Kenya, they were entirely fungible with safaris and third world living conditions. 

But this was all happening waaaaaaaaaay too fast. This was just the first conversation we had on the subject, and in 20 minutes I'd tried to tackle it right, left, and sideways. After a night spent frantically searching google, I felt like I had brushed up on some basics of Kenya, but had no further insight into what our path would be. 

Fast forward a few weeks. Interviews had continued, and we knew a job offer was headed our way, yet we were no closer to knowing if we would take the leap. There were a lot of conversations with family that followed the same format: "Kenya, huh?" And with a breath seemingly deep enough to suck in the entire span of space between America and Africa, I'd shake my head a little and say "Yeah...!" Even my neck and my mouth could not agree on an answer. 

But once the job was officially Layne's for the taking, they wanted an answer fast. We took two days to decide, and in that span I probably waffled back and forth with 100% certainty every ten minutes, convincing myself that going or staying was the only logical option and the other option was lunacy. In the end, the only certainty that lasted was the feeling of rightness in accepting the job. <
So... here we go! Yes, it uproots our whole life. But that's just what I love about it. Now is the perfect time for an adventure. 

P.S. I've only got two songs on my Kenyan playlist so far - this one, and this one. Any suggestions???

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  1. You have no idea how much I admire you guys for taking this leap. Just awesome! Kenya is lucky to have you :)


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