Saturday, July 7, 2012

Savor the Moments

Are you happy?

Such an odd question really. Since when has happiness been a prevailing emotion? When people ask "How are you?" we never respond that we're happy. We're always tired or hungry or stressed - at the most, we might be fine or good. We never reply with a smile on our lips that we are happy.

Happiness is an overzealous dog on a walk. You try to keep up with the high energy and enthusiasm, but time and again the leash is ripped from your fingers and the dog disappears around the corner. We're always running after it, calling it back to us, trying to bring it home. For some of us, happiness runs slowly and we are able to catch it time and time again, hold on to it for a length of time and reacquaint ourselves with the effervescent feeling. For others, happiness is a friend we've not seen in what seems like years.

It's that fleeting emotion we're searching for, but it gets swallowed up in the everyday. Do the laundry and the dishes, check your e-mail, take a shower, go to work, go to bed - who puts "Be Happy" on their To Do list? I can feel content easily enough. My husband can attest to my contented sighs as I snuggle into my sheets at night and roll over ready for the day to end, my tidy home and organized inbox a marker on my accomplishments. Every day, I smile and laugh and there's a swelling of happiness that I then quash as I move abruptly on with my life, fielding phone calls and dusting the living room.

Savor the moments. 

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