Thursday, October 4, 2012

When L Met M (the prologue)

 I had to ditch the old blog name. Layne refused to participate and "Mister and Missus Fletcher" made it seem as though he was going to be active, or even willing. I simply could not deceive my many, many, MANY, readers.

You two understand, right?

I came up with the name of this blog after a few minutes of typing in random things and finding all of them taken. (It's as if everyone in the world is just making up blogs names and URLs and just abandoning them - who does that?!?) Before long, my mind began quoting my favorite movie, as it often does. "When Harry Met Sally" has so much great dialogue, I quickly thought through some of my favorite quotes. But, I passed on all of them and settled instead on just copying the name itself.

So, what follows are the tales of what happened after L met M.  I hope you enjoy.

Until we met again....

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