Sunday, June 22, 2014

Out of Town

I didn't abandon the blog again - I've just been out of town! I'll have more on my trip to Helsinki later this week, but for now I just wanted to share a few things that caught my eye this week...

This BuzzFeed article. Layne sent this to me while I was in Helsinki, and it made me remember how awesome America is. I love traveling overseas and would love to even live abroad at some point, but I really do freaking love the U.S. of A.

These Americana cupcakes - yum. I guess I'm just getting all amped up for the 4th of July! (And can we talk about how she has country music playing on her page? Talk about 'Mercan!)

The most amazing apartment tour in Glasgow. So cozy and soft and welcoming. I have decided I basically need to get rid of everything I own and just replicate this apartment.

Last week, I was here.

It's called the Kamppi Chapel of Silence and is a multidenominational place of worship right in the city center of Helsinki. The idea is for people to have a quiet place to pause in the middle of their hectic days and connect with each other and their faith. I was not quite adventurous enough to go try to find a service on my own, so this was a wonderful chapel to spend a few moments of my time. Every city should have a location like this.

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