Thursday, June 12, 2014

Friendless in the Big City

Well, there goes the last of them! When Layne and I first moved here, we made a number of friends pretty quickly, as it seemed like a number of young, married couples had all moved into our area at the same time and met each other at church. Since then, they have mostly moved away, one by one. My friend Amy was the single hold out with me.

As I was growing up, we moved around a lot. (A lot is an understatement. We moved annually). My mom would always remind me that when it comes to friends, you only need one. Well, I had my one and things were going splendidly until her husband got an internship in Chicago for the summer. The long, hot days of summer stretch out ahead of me and they have never seemed so lonely. I will, luckily, be really busy with work this summer and she will only be gone 3 months, but still. Three months is a long time with no true friends.

Saying good-bye right - shoving our faces full of ice cream.

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  1. That just means you have a free place to stay when you visit her! :)
    I feel like I will be in a similar position in a year or so -- with Justin leaving AZ (the only place I have ever lived) to go to graduate school, we/I will be in some desperate need of friends!

    1. Come out here and I'll be your friend! Plenty of good schools in D.C. :)


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