Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Helsinki - Hell Yeah!

Last week I was in Helsinki for a work conference. I'll give you a moment to be awed at my status as an international woman of business, traveling abroad on a whim and such. (Actually, I only ever go to Detroit. This trip was just a lucky fluke. But Detroit is the Paris of the West, right? RIGHT?!)

While Helsinki may not make my list for Top 10 Places to Visit Worldwide Overseas Europe, I was elated be asked to attend this conference. Sure, I'd just be standing at a booth in an exhibit hall all day, but that booth was in Europe, the continent my heart simply swoons for. (I think we should work out how to take America, my first love, and join it with Europe. Who's with me?!)

Monday-Thursday were pretty much booked solid with work stuff. It is my job to be just like the kiosk people at the mall who pester you with their product, but I am selling Detroit to swanky, accented men from all over Europe when they could attend a very similar conference next year in Bordeaux- Hands down beats Helsinki and Detroit, huh? Now, I happen to feel that my conference in Detroit will be 1000Xs better than the next one in Bordeaux, but my confidence does not convince everyone. The conference itself was, I believe, a very successful venture. Go ITS!

I'll post more about my trip sometime this week, but if you are wondering what I'm doing at these conferences, watch this video.

No joke- it gives me chills! Fair warning, if you watch it you may just feel inspired to join me in Detroit this September!

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