Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekending Done Right (mostly)

The right part is that I secured myself a nice 4-day weekend by working straight through a few for my big event and was finally able to relax a bit - whew! I haven't taken a day off since April, so it was very much needed.

The caveat is that I forgot to take photos. #BloggingFail

Thursday was all about celebrating our 4th anniversary (more on that later), but the rest of the weekend lived up to every expectation you have for a long weekend.

I met up with Amy (yay for her being back from Chicago!) and we trekked out to College Park for an IKEA trip. One rarely needs an IKEA trip, but you can always find a few things to pick up. I found some dish towels and bought a cute little cactus for Layne's nightstand that he quickly informed me he did not want. I also bought this vest from Old Navy. I am not usually an Old Navy shopper, but I've been sitting on a gift card for a few years (literally, it's been in my wallet for almost three years) and finally decided to get rid of it. And after sitting on the decision to buy the vest from J. Crew until it was on back order until sometime through late October or December, I just went for it.

What do you think? Yes, it's a poor substitution, but I think it will do.

We have had amazing weather here in D.C. lately, and Saturday was no exception. I had brunch with my mother-in-law at Farmers Fishers Bakers. They offer a delicious brunch buffet right on the Georgetown waterfront. Afterward, we walked along the Potomac for a bit and then headed up into Georgetown for some window shopping. We found this cute furniture store with actual reasonable prices - unheard of in that neighborhood! It has already lodged itself at the top of my list next time I need to buy a new piece.

Don't you love lazy Sundays? After such a lax weekend, it is hard to face a new week. But it's a bit easier after dinner at my in-laws. Layne grilled up some streaks, and my mother-in-law made her awesome potatoes au gratin with gruyere cheese.

What did you do this weekend? I hope you soaked up the last rays of sun before fall is fully upon us!

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  1. Love the vest! I've been eyeing a monogramed one from Marley Lilly, but they're a little too pricey for me when the weather is still in the 80s here at home!

    1. Right? It's in the 70s here, and I just couldn't justify the cost when it doesn't get that cold! Although for a monogram, I can justify pretty much anything.

  2. I think the vest is great - and that color is my favorite!! That brunch on the water sounds amazing!! Thanks so much for linking up and hope you have a great Monday!!

  3. I love the Old Navy vests! I have several colors from last year and I think they are a great alternative to paying the price for a J Crew one!

    1. Thanks for the endorsement - good to know I made the right choice. :)


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