Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Those Sad, Awkward Spaces

There was a corner of my house that I didn't show off yesterday. It is sadly and lonely and pretty pathetic.
What do you do with these spaces? My cable box is too tall to fit under my TV, and then on top of that is my DVD player and the modem is to the side. I at least put the antennae down on my modem, but it's not like that's really going to do it. It is just a big, ugly hole (and, for my graphic designer friends, talk about trapped white space)!

This is the best I have come up with. I felt like it needed something kind of full, and definitely some height. I have a small obsession with decanters even though I don't drink. They are just so beautiful!

Yes, you can still see the modem. But, better, right? Any other ideas? What do you do to disguise your ugly places?


  1. Love the house tour! I have a sad, lonely corner in my living room too.. still trying to figure it out. I've seen diy corner shelves on Pinterest, but haven't tackled it yet! Maybe one day! Just wanted to say I've been by your blog in the past and I'm a new follower and I love it! So.. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out: http://macarthurlately.blogspot.com/2014/07/liebster-award-nominations.html

    1. Oh my gosh - you are so sweet! I can't wait to do this - look for my post Monday! :)

  2. I think it looks really good! I meant to mention it on the other post- that decanter is sooo pretty. I really like that console too! I really don't think it looks that bad since it sort of blends into the dark console. I've thought about getting coffee table books and "hiding" the DVD player and cable boxes within a stack of books? I don't know if that makes sense... Call me!

    1. I totally get the book thing to hide it - try and send me a pic! I wonder how it would look.

      P.S. - that "console" is 3 IKEA dressers shoved side by side, but everyone thinks it's a single piece!

      Call you tomorrow. :D


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