Monday, July 28, 2014

It's a Monday...

It is indeed, once again, Monday. Sometimes they are harder than others, and I can tell already that today will be hard. We had a really great, low key weekend, and the last thing I want to do now is head back into the office.

After a stressful week at work, I went on a really nice, long walk Friday evening and just let the tension fall off me. I stopped for a bit at a park until the lightning bugs came out, and by the time I got moving again, I had a smile on my face despite the mosquito bites I had acquired. Do you ever go on a walk when you're stressed? I just love being outside and definitely miss it. Oh, the compromises of apartment living!

Saturday I spent some time working on a home project. I'm transforming a drawer in Layne's nightstand to flip down and be more like a shelf. He was always using it for books and papers, so it makes more sense. It is far from the most time intensive project I have taken on, but it takes me into uncharted territory. I spent about 20 minutes debating what kind of hinges to get and how they will work. My mind just doesn't work in that physical way, so keep your fingers crossed! I'm still waiting for the paint and glue to dry, then it's times to test the hinges.

Saturday night was date night, so we tried a restaurant from Layne's Bucket List. Ping Pong Dim Sum in D.C.'s Chinatown was really nice. We are not huge into Chinese food, and this was definitely above average (not greasy at all!), but hoisin sauce always reminds my tastebuds of fennel (aka, pure evil), and we ordered two shrimp dishes where the shrimp was past its prime. I told our waiter, and they comped our entire meal! For that alone, they get an A+. Do you complain when your food isn't right? So many people just sit silently, but I always say something. I don't want the restaurant to serve an entire dinner service with shrimp that has gone bad! Despite that one issue, for those rare occasions when I do want some Chinese food, I would definitely go back.

On our way home, we grabbed an ice cream cake. Because who doesn't love the sweet harmony of cake and ice cream?

Sunday was another relaxing day. We went to the in-laws for a chicken pot pie dinner and some good conversation. I love lazy Sundays.

Now back to reality with the rest of the week - here's to making the most of it!

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