Sunday, July 20, 2014

Home Tour {Part 1}

Ok - you will need to contain your excitement. I know all of my adoring fans (or just my sisters) have been asking for pictures of my house for months. Well, thanks to an awesome Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family last weekend, I was completely glued to the couch and managed to take pictures. But just of the part of my apartment where I could still see the TV from. First off, you'll notice how much things have changed since I initially made my mood board. I dropped the yellow and embraced just random spots of color, relying heavily on the black and white contrast.

The walls somehow look white (I love my camera), but that, sadly, is an optical illusion. In reality, they are a gross very yellowy, cream color that absorbs all the light in my apartment. And I can't paint and it is nothing short of a tragedy.

My mom made me all of these pillows for my birthday/Christmas. The Greek Key ones are based off the Sarah M. Dorsey tutorial. They are absolutely amazing, and way beyond the technical skill that I possess! Albeit, that consists mainly of being able to sew a relatively straight line, so she was a real lifesaver. Love you, Mom. You rock!

The coffee table I just keep really simple, so we can take things on and off and use it as a work space. And by "work space," I mean dump the tray on the floor so we can watch Wipeout and eat dinner at the same time. Right next to my couch, we have a small chest of drawers from IKEA. They are COMPLETELY busted, but I use them for all of our towels, so they just sit there broken anyway. I cannot give up a single storage option in my 600 sq. ft. It's nice to have a mirror on the way out the door, and we use the small silver tray as a key plate.

This space is where we spend most of our time. Next up, I'll show off the office/kitchen table area! (We really only have two rooms, that comprise 90% of the space so I don't know what to call the little rooms within a room that I have created out of necessity...) But before that, any tips on taking pictures of your house? I found it difficult to capture how it actually looks. Maybe it's just because I live in a shoebox and the walls suck up all the light?

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  1. I really like your lamps! Both of them! It looks soooooo amazing! Can't wait to see the rest!


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