Friday, October 25, 2013

Favorite Friday: Horror Movie

I've decided to launch a new initiative on my blog. We'll call it "Favorite Friday." (I'll hold for applause and shouts of elation.)

Basically, I'll just highlight my favorite "fill-in-the-blank" every Friday! Any ideas, suggestions, or requests are welcome and encouraged.

Since it's only October for a little while longer, I thought I'd start with my favorite scary movie. I should start by saying that I begin making my scary movie list in August and save them all up for October. And because Layne and I are such homebodies, we buy a movie off Vudu or Amazon Prime pretty much every night and gorge ourselves on horror. And while I enjoy a lot of them, a few really do stand out. I love a good Hitchcock, like Rear Window or Psycho. I recently watched Scream for the first time and it was terrifically suspenseful.

But - my absolute favorite scary movie, or in fact series of scary movies - are the Paranormal Activity movies.

 Oh. My. Gosh. They are absolutely spine chilling. They're the perfect movies to make your skin crawl and you just want to yell and point at the screen and you are truly insane if you watch them alone. I own the first three, so if you're close by feel free to borrow them. If not, hit a RedBox and get into the spirit of the season!


  1. I used to love scary movies (I secretly still do) until I had Ezra. For some reason, I just can't handle them now. Being husband-less every weekend doesn't help either. I love the 'Favorite Friday' idea!

    1. Oh yeah - I can't ever watch them alone! Layne fell asleep while we were watching House of Wax a few weeks ago and I had to turn on the lights and keep looking over at him to make it through the movie.

      Feel free to join me in a Favorite Friday! Maybe we could coordinate something? I'm totally stealing your "Day in The Life" idea from last week sometime. :)

  2. Haha. I'm glad I'm not the only one ^^^ (above comment). I used to LOVE scary movies. They were my favorite type of movie. Until Kinley came along. And now I don't think I'll watch a scary movie again. I started having weird things happening to me at my house (and they were definitely not just in my head). So sadly I told myself it was time to give it up. I might cry.

    1. Oh JaNae! You and Kaylie are breaking my heart. I'll have to try even harder to get my fill in before we have kids. :)

      But if weird things started happening to me, you bet those scary movies would be banned from my life in a heartbeat! Creepy!


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