Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Drumroll, please!

Remember a few weeks ago (ok, waaaaaay back in August) when I said exciting things were headed our way? Well, it's time to share!

In the summer, we started thinking about what direction we were moving in. We love D.C., we liked our jobs, we were happy. But it had this indefinite feeling. We could have gone on forever just as things were. And while things were good, they could be better. We'd love to own a home one day and stop renting, we'd like our kids to have a yard, and I want to take some time off when those kids come along. So, we made a decision.

Layne and I are both changing course.

He has decided to go back to school next year and get his MBA! He's been in consulting for the past few years but he's just not sure if that's the career path for him. He's always wanted to get his MBA, and now seems a great time to hit the reset button. So he has begun studying for the GMAT.

I decided that if I might be taking a career break in a few years to pop out some adorable Fletcher babies, I wanted to get as much experience as possible. So, I got a new job! I have officially been in my new position for a week. My last job was in communications at a high-tech trade association. I don't think a single person in my family understands what this means. Basically, I worked for an advocacy organization (read: lobby shop), doing their communications like design, social media, traditional public relations and media outreach, and about a thousand other little things. I'm switching to another lobby shop (you can't escape working in something political in D.C.), but this one focuses on intelligent transportation. And instead of traditional communications, I will be doing event marketing! I am really, really, really excited for this change! (Plus, I'm like a total adult now. I have an office with a door and windows and everything.)

Yay for planning for the future! This is what it feels like to be a grown up, huh?


  1. I was nervous you were leaving DC. Glad that's not happening we still have to come visit :)

    1. Not yet! But you'll have to come visit soon. :)

    2. Hopefully spring or maybe next summer. If we go to PA to look at schools hopefully we can swing by DC too. I'll keep you updated.


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