Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fast Forward

I'm already getting tired re-hashing the first year, so I'll summarize. If we're Facebook friends, you can find the photos there since my old computer crashed and I don't have the original files anymore. Or maybe I'll download and pop them in... you're probably getting bored without visual aid.

As I said, September was simply lovely. October was Layne's birthday-week. I got him a present every day and planned some activity every night. A boys night out, his favorite meals, and a trip to Vegas -shopping spree included (it was his money, what do I care if he blows it?). November was Thanksgiving day with my family, and the rest of the weekend with his. I learned to never go Black Friday shopping with the Fletchers and to let Sydney do her thing in the kitchen. Involvement in either one could lead to death or serious injury. December was a bit more tricky, as we both had our families in from out of town and wanted to spend time with them. We had a gingerbread house contest at the Bentley's, which spawned a yearlong glowing pride in Layne, Jen and me. And we partied hard on New Years at Layne's with a 5000-piece puzzle and bingo. By the way, we're much cooler than we sound.

January was just cold and dreary. In February, there was Valentine's. We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and saw Jimmer Fredette there. We also had the best venison with blackberry sauce you could ever imagine. I am drooling just remembering it. February then us to Portland where Layne's best friend Thorn is from. Thorn took us all over the city and is the best tour guide I have experienced. Also, his parents are too cool to hang out with any of us and I am way jealous of how awesome they are. I wold hang out with them every day if they'd let me.

March was consumed by March Madness and it's hard to remember anything else that happened among the blur of basketballs swishing into nets ten feet off the ground. I do recall having a completely crap bracket though... April finally brought a little warmth to Utah and people began to wander around outside again. It also brought us to my final summer enslaved in the Beehive State.

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