Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Thoughts

Guys... it's super easy not to blog. I broke the habit with my impromptu fall break, and now I need to get back into it!
Not a photo from yesterday, just a good memory. The Christmas light aren't out quite yet. :)
Yesterday was this sexy guy's birthday. We caught a matinee, had an amazing dinner at Bourbon Steak, and ended the night with cheesecake in bed. No complaints.

Have you seen this video on street harassment? It reminded me of this time a guy on my bus started chatting me up, got off at my stop, walked half a mile down the street with me, and I finally turned into the wrong complex just so that he wouldn't find out where I really lived. And just the other day, some guys yelled at me from their car when Layne and I were on a run. I can't tell you what they said because they were speaking Spanish, but unfortunately for them Layne is fluent in Spanish and yelled back at them because he said it was so vulgar. He was really mad. Have you ever felt harassed on the street? What can be done about this issue?

We don't have big Halloween plans this year - I think just a scary movie marathon (Vogue has a great list). What are you going to do today? I always feel compelled to candy binge on Halloween. #NoRegrets

Have a great weekend!

Doc & Marty McFly
Luigi, Collette & Remy the Rat

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  1. Love that picture of you guys at Christmas! It makes me want to visit DC at Christmas time now. Glad you had a great night celebrating Layne! Cheesecake in bed sounds right up my alley!


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