Friday, January 31, 2014

Life Lately

You may remember my recent(ish) post on blogging. I have been kind of busy lately and quite frankly haven't really felt like writing, so I haven't. I was in Detroit for a week for the North American International Auto Show, which was really pretty cool (I love my job).

Then I got back and almost immediately it was all about the flu, all the time. I was also kind enough to share my illness with Layne. So, we both basically laid around for a week, sort of wishing we were dead. And honestly, I'm just getting on my feet again. This flu has left me completely wiped out. Even though I'm back to work this week, my body is still necessitating a daily nap and I'm eating miniature portions of everything or suffer the wrath of the hurgly gurglies in my stomach for hours. Yay!

I'm back in Detroit (my second home for the year) next week, but I wanted to give you an update on my resolutions.
  1. Travel somewhere new. (Detroit does not count, though I admit I'm pretty smitten with the city.)
  2. Bake more from scratch and begin building a recipe collection. (I baked a knock off Levain recipe last week! I completely messed it up when my flu-addled brain forgot the brown sugar, but you gotta start somewhere.)
  3. Study interior design. (I have been trying and making some progress, but if you guys have any ideas on where I can actually learn some of this on my own, I'm open to suggestions!)
  4. Take a calligraphy class. (Nope.)
  5. Begin learning Spanish. (No progress.)
  6. Read more. (I am crushing this resolution, averaging about three books a week. If you have read Gone Girl, please talk to me. I'm dying over here to discuss the genius of this story.)


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    1. I can have Layne send you the digital copy. I need to talk about it SOOOOOO badly!


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