Friday, November 15, 2013

Favorite Friday: Thing About Fall

My favorite thing about fall is a total toss up, so I'm just going to list two. It's my game, so I can make and break the rules as I want - right?

1 - The leaves. Am I right here, people? I loved watching the leaves change on the mountainside in Utah, but Virginia takes fall to a whole new level. If you've never been out here, you may not realize that the famous D.C. humidity makes everything lush and green. The highways are lined with forests - not trees, but overgrown, tangled, walls of forest. And when fall comes, those forests separate into sudden, bright, individual trees of sunny yellow, burning orange, and brilliant red. There are trees throughout the whole city, and because the city is so old (the street I live on has been around since at least 1860) all the trees are mature and solid and they each drop millions of leaves. It's paradise.

2 - The clothes. This is by no means a fashion blog, but I have to admit that I love switching over my closet for the seasons. I tuck away the polos and pull out my sweaters, snuggling into their warm softness and rejoicing! Scarves, gloves, coats, cardigans - I can wear them all again! I miss certain outfits when they're in storage, and for the first little bit of fall I get to enjoy my wardrobe anew.

What's you favorite thing about the season's change?

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  2. My favorite thing about Fall has to hands down be the weather -- we go from 115 degree heat to 70-80 degree heat -- although we are still consistently in the 90's I would take that in a heart beat compared to the Summer temperatures.

    1. Ah - jealous! I remember how awesome fall was in Vegas. We have had some good weather days (mid-60s) lately out here, but a nice 90 degree day sounds heavenly. Until I think of the humidity that would come with it. I may just be all around jealous of your weather!


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