Monday, November 4, 2013


We do birthdays big around here.

(Well, Layne's birthday anyway. I have always hated my birthday because it's smack dab in the middle of December and everyone is always so busy with the holidays, and then in school we always had finals, and my mom just had me celebrate it a month later in January with my little sister's birthday so I have no real connection with the day itself.)

But back to... Layne's Birthday Week. If you think 28 is too old to still be making a fuss out of your birthday, you are kidding yourself. I ADORE Birthday Week! I've been in charge of it since we've been married and at the beginning of October I begin badgering Layne with gift ideas and to make a  list of restaurants for us to try, etc. We even bought a Birthday Menorah (one candle for every day of the week, and one to grow on!) We partied hard all last week, so here is one giant recap for you!

Saturday - Coffee cake and bacon for breakfast. Mini shopping spree at the Leesburg Outlets and through Georgetown. We went to a French restaurant for dinner called Bistrot du Coin where the bartender spilled beer on us and we both sent back our entrees because they were totally gross. The appetizers were ok, but we stopped at Wendy's on the way home and ended up having foie gras and chicken nuggets for dinner. #FoodieFail

Sunday - FOOTBALL was the theme of the day. We did our usual Sunday Steak Night and watched the heartbreaking game and tried a new brie and took it pretty easy. I made lemon bars from scratch to redeem myself from some recent kitchen blunders and Layne loved them. So even though the Skins lost, I consider the day a "W."

Monday - Got rescheduled for this week. 

Tuesday - Our Halloween celebrations always squeeze their way into Birthday Week, and this time was no different! We went to our ward Halloween party as the Ratatouille cast. The ward mission was hosting and we're ward missionaries, so we spent the whole party helping kids pop balloons and pin the face on the pumpkin. Afterward, we got peking duck, which had been on the list for a while and did not disappoint!

Wednesday - BIRTHDAY DAY!!! This is usually the day Layne gets his biggest gift, but we're still waiting on it this year. I got him a new iPad. We repeated at The Palm again for Birthday Dinner, but it was so good last year, how could we not?

Thursday - As scary movie lovers, we finally watched the original Halloween together for the first time. We also gorged ourselves on candy. I <3 candy like a small child.

Friday - Layne hit the town with his friends to watch the Wizards home opener. Sadly, they blew it in the fourth and Layne was let down by another Washington team, but the company and wings were good enough to save the night.

Saturday - A trip up to Philly! I'll recap that in a separate post.

Now Birthday Week is over and I'm so sad! I really love making every day into something special.

What are your birthday traditions?

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  1. I am a full suporter of Birthday week! Justin and I do a similar thing too :)
    I am super jealous you ate at the Palm...I ate there in Vegas several years back and loved it!
    We are thinking of doing Vegas this year as a couple for my . . . ahem . . . 30th birthday, and the Palm will be on our list of places to eat!
    Glad Layne had a great birthday and I hope he enjoys his Ipad.


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