Friday, August 2, 2013

Party Time

My Fridays are typically about as cool as this song.

On Fridays, I get off early and Layne sometimes works from home. Today was one of those days, so Layne came and picked me up so we could grab lunch. We hit up Bobby's Burger Palace (crunchify that thing) and got it to go. Layne and I are some of the biggest homebodies you ever will meet, so if take out is an option it is most likely the option we'll take. The sooner we can get back to that TV, the better!

Since then, I've read til my iPad died, painted my nails (end result - I think there may have been an earthquake of some sort earlier this afternoon...), took a little nap-ski, and even went on a run. That's right - a whole .77 miles! #KillingIt There may have been an odd Wipeout episode mixed in with a whole slew of Tia & Tamara (highly would not recommend that show - truly, truly terrible).

I think I'm off to take a shower now. With D.C. humidity, .77 miles may as well be a half marathon. Hope you all have a great weekend!

PS - Yeah... Tia & Tamara is still on. And I am somehow still watching. Shoot me.

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