Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanks for Thanksgiving


Wasn't that weekend fantastic? I know how much I loved it. Sometimes, you need a weekend to do nothing. I feel like I really needed that.

I made rolls and pie crusts with my mother-in-law Wednesday, and Thursday we all went over to a friend's house for Thanksgiving. Layne and I brought over baked brie, but otherwise the whole thing was just taken care of for us. Yet another thing to be thankful for! Friday I set out to lie around the house the whole day and that was precisely what I did. My efforts were largely helped by ABC Family's Harry Potter marathon. It was nothing short of marvelous.

Saturday we saw Frozen and spent time visiting friends. It was another great day to just relax. We did spend an hour or two shopping since the movie theater was connected to the mall, but save for a few stocking stuffers we skipped the Black Friday madness.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as pleasant a kick off to the holiday season as it was for me!

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