Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween or Bust

I am sad to report that this year, we went bust. :/

The plan was this.

Hall and Oates

Unfortunately, Layne and I both got sick the week before Halloween and we didn't make it to the ward party, the only valid excuse we had to dress up. I had the cold that would not die (literally, ten days of being a snot factory), and Layne was out flat on his back all week. Translation: We are super lame.

We did manage to make it over to a friend's place the night of Halloween to enjoy some candy, popcorn, and guac alongside a scary movie. We had planned on watching "The Shining," but when we selected it from the DVR it was the BRITISH version. As if we wanted to watch THE BRITS on Halloween?! Do they even celebrate it?

Instead, we watched a scary movie very accurately titled "The Hole."

A cheap, made for TV vibe, but sufficiently creepy to get that Halloween fix. (Still hoping to follow up with Paranormal 4 to put the cap on my scary movie count for the year.)

Also, I had to look it up. The Brits do celebrate Halloween. For like, 6 days. Maybe we're not doing it right.

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